Current Project – Bear Skull Progress

bear skull cleaning

  Our bear skull is being transformed into a piece of art and a proud display. Each specimen is carefully prepared with the use of dermestid beetles. We guarantee you that your specimen will be expertly prepared without the shrinkage of bone, cracking of teeth, softening of the bone or damage from over-boiling.   We…

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Cattle Photo Gallery

Bear Skull Cleaning

Photo Gallery: Beetles at Work Each skull is treated like a trophy and handled with care. We cater to all sizes of skulls. We are certain that you will be satisfied with our quality, our service and our craftsmanship. Cleaning skulls is our specialty!

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2012 Unique Rack

deer skull cleaning

This is our lovely specimen with down eye socket holes. Josh shot this deer at deer camp in 2012. This was not a huge trophy buck, but the one of a kind antler set is very unique and grabs the attention of many!

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