Our Skull Cleaning Rates

Cleaning skulls is our passion!

Any protected or endangered species must have appropriate papers accompanying shipment.  Apart from cleaning your specimens, we also provide tailored skull mounting services. For the cost of the mount and labor, we will mount your trophy to a custom pedestal base. You can also opt to buy the pedestal and assemble it yourself. Our bases is available in a variety of finishes, such as oak and walnut. If we are shipping your trophies, we recommend not mounting Horned and Antlered skulls to the pedestal, as this will only raise shipping costs and increase the risk on damaging your trophy. Contact us for more details.

Deer, Antelope $100

Add $20 for hide removal.

Add $15 for any rotten skulls.

Add $10 for lower jaw except boar and bear. (Price included in boar and bear.)

All prices including cleaning, degreasing and sealing and whitening.

Bear $110
Moose, Cattle, Buffalo $250
Elk, Caribou $170
Coyote, Fox, Otter, Beaver, and other small game $50
Wolf $65
Wild Boar $120


Call or Text for Drop Off & Pickup Options: 715-554-1285

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Skull Cleaning Services Balsam Lake WI

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