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Bare Bones Skullery is a home based business that deal with wildlife skull cleaning, deer and bear skull cleaning and European mounts cleaning using Dermestid Beetles. Whether you want your skull for display of your personal trophies or outdoors group display, we’ll take care of your wildlife skull cleaning needs.

100% clean, Skull Cleaning Services

We clean and preserve wildlife skulls, using organic methods that produce superior results. We prepare all kinds of skulls and bones. We inspect the specimen at the time of arrival and discuss with you as to how we would be going about the cleaning process. Our clients trust us for professional and safe cleaning of their precious trophies.

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How do we clean your skulls?

With Dermestid Beetles on the job, you do not need tools, which can leave tool marks and damage to delicate structures, such as nasal bones. Dermestid Beetles do not carry disease and are non invasive. Avail our deer skull cleaning with beetles and bear skull cleaning services with flesh eating beetles.

Meticulous craftsmanship and research provide interesting specimen, which clearly illustrate the uniqueness of each species. Bare Bones Skullery is committed to providing legally and ethically obtained natural bone specimens.

Skull mounting is for you if:

  • You want to showcase your hunt in a pocket friendly way
  • You simply like the look of a skull mount
  • Lack of wall or floor space for a traditional mount
  • You want to have a skull mount done apart from a rug of a coyote or bear

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